Trip to: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and 9/11 Memorial

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Jul. 14th, 2012
Tags: Tourist Attractions Sightseeing
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Trip to the Historical Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and 911 Memorial -

The New Yorker Residence’s Statue of Liberty Event started when RA Renee Cotsis took a group of around 20 EHS New Yorker residents to Battery Park, where they met the other EHS groups and took a beautiful ferry ride to the first stop: Liberty Island.

There, the groups walked around and looked at the magnificent and humungous wonder that is the Statue of Liberty!  They had a chance to learn a little about its history by reading the interesting and informative plaques posted around the island about the building of the Statue and its architect.  The residents then headed back to the ferry for the next stop, Ellis Island, where all enjoyed the chance to walk around the Museum and learn about New York City’s history.  

It was an extremely interesting day and all of the residents had a great time!

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