EHS Book Drive - Donating to Justice

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Aug. 3rd, 2012
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Do you have any new or used books that you’re not using?

Well then, why not share the knowledge they hold with others. EHS will be hosting a book drive beginning August 1st and ending August 15th, collecting all used and unwanted books.If you have any old or lightly used, books in decent condition, please drop them off at any of our residences. We will be collecting books of all kinds, fiction, sci-fi, or fairytale books that you do not want anymore.

We have joined forces with Better World Books  an organization that believes literacy and education is a basic human right. They have recycled over 70 million pounds of books and raised over $9.4 million for global literacy and local libraries. Every book someone buys or donates expands their collective impact.

All online sales will benefit the Invisible Children a movement who is seeking to end the longest running conflict in the Africa continent. The conflict’s soldiers are children abducted from their homes and forced to fight. Invisible Children is seeking to end this and bring them back home, they rebuild schools, educate future leaders and provide jobs in Northern Uganda.Why not end your summer in a great why by helping out someone in need. If you don’t have any books with you and still want to help, make sure to check out the Invisible Children website for ways that you can get involved.

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