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Aug. 30th, 2012
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Have you really been taking the time to enjoy all that NYC has to offer?

Are you making sure to take a moment and step outside for a quick breath of fresh air? Well you should! Some of you have taken advantage of our ticketed events to NYC landmarks, attractions, Broadway shows and have seen a lot of what NYC has to offer. In case you need a little help, we’ve put together a little checklist of NYC hot spots you definitely want to check out. For more NYC events check out TimeOutNYC. Make sure to check them off as you complete them:

  • Fuerza Bruta

    • Fuerza Bruta is a non-stop collision of dynamic music, visceral emotion, and kinetic aerial imagery. Featuring mind–blowing visual effects that must be seen to be believed – a man running full throttle through a series of moving walls, women frolicking in a watery world suspended just inches above the audience – FUERZA BRUTA: LOOK UP is a theatrical experience that floods the senses. Experience a 360° heart-pounding theatrical experience with an unbelievable $10 off offer, use code FBMINI9.
  • Top of the Rock

    • have you been to Rockefeller center in the summer. It’s a pretty cool place. Why not take a trip to the top of Rockefeller Plaza? For more information you can visit Top of the Rock. (Speak to your Student Life Office. We might have discounted tickets available)
  • The Nintendo Store

    • this is a secret gem located in Rockefeller Plaza where you can check out all of the latest in Nintendo Games. There’s something here for everyone. Take a trip over to visit Mario and Luigi and help them take on King Bowser.
  • FAO Schwartz

    • See the toy story where young Kevin “McCauley Culkin” got lost in NYC. This infamous toy store will make you feel like a kid again. Come early as lines form. Trust us; it’s definitely worth the wait.
  • Madame Tussauds

    • Madame Tussauds has provided us with countless wax figures of celebrities for decades. Take a trip over and see what she’s been mixing up for you.
  • Chelsea Piers

    • If you’re into sports this is one place you’ll have hours of endless fun. This sports complex spans West Side Drive along Chelsea. From bowling, to basketball, golf to baseball you’ll need to make a weekend out of this. For those of you that are extremely daring you can even take a stab at Trapeze School.
  • Junior’s Cheesecake

    • If PDiddy can do it so can you. Take a trip to Brooklyn’s famous Junior’s Cheesecake. Give in to your sweet tooth.
  • Shake Shack

    • You can’t come to NYC and not go to Shake Shack. This place is so popular it has a line when they open. There are luckily various locations in Manhattan. It’s definitely worth the wait. Let them take your order.
  • Carnegie Hall

    You can’t come to NYC and not go to Shake Shack. This place is so popular it has a line when they open. There are luckily various locations in Manhattan. It’s definitely worth the wait. Let them take your order.
  • Chrysler Building

    • The Chrysler Building was the first man-made structure over 1000 feet (305 meters) tall, and was the tallest building in the world for a short time in 1930 to 1931..
  • General Electric Building

    • The GE Building is a 70-story Art Deco skyscraper built in the 1930s. It now houses NBC Studios, and shows like Saturday Night Live are filmed here. There is also an observatory that offers a spectacular panoramic view of New York City!
  • 40 Wall Street (Trump Building)

    • Also the tallest building in the world at one point, but just for a brief period of about one month in 1930. It is now owned by Donald Trump and is called the Trump Building. Trump paid just $8 million for it in 1995; compare that to the $13,500,000 spent in 1913 to build the Woolworth Building!.

In case you didn’t know or if you forgot…check out these fun facts about NYC!

  • ‘I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.” Parts of the movie The Godfather were filmed in the ballroom at the St. George Residence. It was also the site of the first saltwater swimming pool in the world.
  • In The Big Band era of the 1930’s & 1940’s, the New Yorker Hotel was the largest hotel in New York with 2500 rooms. To support the hotel and its facilities, the New Yorker built America’s largest private power plant… in the sub-basements of the hotel! During the 1941 World Series, the Brooklyn Dodgers headquartered here and Joe DiMaggio lived here when the Yankees were in town.
  • New York City has 4,000 street food vendors.
  • The average temperature of New York City’s pavement on a hot summer day is 150 degrees.
  • More than 250 feature films are shot on location in New York City each year.
  • An average of 4.9 million people ride the New York City subway each weekday.
  • The musicians who perform in the NYC Subway system go through a competitive audition process. Some of the subway musicians have also played at Carnegie Hall.
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