Residence Director Spotlight: Introducing Lindy Emerson and Robert Haynes

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Sep. 5th, 2012
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Lindy Emerson - St. George Residence Director

My name is Lindy Emerson and I am one of the Residence Directors at the St. George Residence.  This is my first year at EHS and I am excited to be here! I could tell you all about the places I’ve worked and the experiences I’ve learned, but you have enough to read this semester.  You should know that I truly enjoy working with college students and my dream job would be traveling with students around the world, helping students see how their talents can be utilized for solving global challenges.

I have moved frequently and traveled a lot through the US and abroad. New York is the place I call home because it allows me to find a little bit of everything from all the places I have been. Whether I’m looking for good southern food when I’m missing my family, artwork or cultural activities from the countries I’ve visited, I know I can find it all!  The best thing I ever did was to create a NYC bucket list. You don’t want to leave NYC with places you wish you had visited. Time Out New York’s website is a great way to not miss those hidden and exciting events!

Here are my top 5 (non-tourist) things you should do before leaving NYC.

  • Ride the tram to Roosevelt Island  and find the lighthouse on the end
  • Eat at Panna II – It’s a cheap meal with the most interesting atmosphere you’ll find in NYC
  • Visit the “Christmas House” on Pelham Parkway in the Bronx during the holidays (most holiday lights EVER- it was on Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” video)
  • Find the hidden “Burger Joint” in the Le Parker Meridan (It’s a high class hotel that has a cheap dive burger joint hidden behind a red curtain)
  • Attend the annual Pillow Fight typically in the Spring

If you are ever wanting more ideas of some interesting places to check out in NYC, stop by our office on the first floor and we are always happy to share more!

Robert Haynes – St. George Residence Director

Greetings EHS Residents! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be a part of the EHS family and community. One of the biggest reasons I love my job, is getting to work with amazing students in such a great city. I love living in New York City and knowing there is always something fun and exciting to do. My favorite part about being a resident of NYC is exploring the different boroughs and neighborhoods and taking part in all the diverse cultural events. It feels like every time I leave the building I experience something new that I have yet to experience or that I couldn’t experience if living anywhere else. Another passion of mine, is catching as many Broadway shows as possible. I love the music, scenery, costumes, and pure talent that you can experience by catching a show on Broadway.

Being a Resident Director at EHS is truly a dream job for me. While I have served as a Resident Director at other schools before, I love the extremely diverse and large student population that the St. George Residence has to offer. Conversations and interactions with all of the residents is what makes my job so great. I enjoy getting to know each and every one of the residents and finding out about their passions and goals. So, if you see me in my office, please stop in and say hi.

I hope all our residents had a great summer and are refreshed and excited for the upcoming school year. I can’t wait to continue building relationships with the residents I have already met and for the new relationships I hope to develop with those of you I have yet to meet. Best luck in all your academic endeavors, and remember to take a break and enjoy the amazing things New York City has to offer.



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