It's one thing to read about something but it's a whole other thing to experience it. So read on for what our students, interns and college administrators have to say about us. (We don't mean to brag, but you'll see that most people agree we're pretty great!)

  • I’ve been living at the St. George for almost two years now and I really feel lucky to have had this experience.  Living in Brooklyn Heights has been amazing. The neighborhood is friendly and has so much to offer! The St. George has always felt like a family with events, friendly staff and a variety of interesting and fun neighbors, plus my roommate was great! The rooms are spacious and comfortable and all the facilities are awesome! The kitchen, gym, Internet access and lounge really made college life easier and a lot more comfortable.

    Sarah-Ann Soffer
    Fashion Institute of Technology

  • I couldn't ask for a better location for student housing than the New Yorker Hotel. Located right near the heart of Times Square, I live conveniently close to my internship site and all the bustling areas of Manhattan. Not only is the New Yorker in a great location, but it is also secure and guarded 24 hours a day by a professional security staff.

    Tanika Murphy
    University of Rochester
    New Yorker Residence

  • Coming from Portugal to live in New York City was by itself an exciting experience, but living at the St. George Residence helped me a lot in making this an unforgettable year.  I will return to Portugal with the best of memories about all the friends I have made at the St. George.  The staff and the residents have made me feel at home. I will also take from here very special friendships like those I share with Matt, James, and Alex, not forgetting the others.  For all of my life, the St. George will be present in my mind and heart.  Thank you!

    Rui Frazao

  • With EHS, our students enjoy a fully furnished room with a cable TV, phone connection and Internet access from the moment they arrive. As our students are international, having the ability to communicate with friends and family back home on the day they arrive and throughout their stay is invaluable.

    Laura Drosdowech
    Center Director, ESL Language Centers

  • The level of commitment to the needs of their residents reveals to me that EHS truly has a heart for the work that they are doing. Students can feel assured that their residence in EHS housing will be both exciting and comfortable. No student is lost in the shuffle - each student is both happy and at ease in what is often a completely new environment. I am delighted with the service, commitment, and professionalism that EHS displays on a regular basis. Their kindness and willingness to accommodate their residents is totally refreshing. I look forward to working together with EHS for many years to come.

    Mandy Nydegger
    Financial Secretary, Duke in New York Program Director Duke University Department of English

  • It was affordable and so convenient. What's better than meeting all young people when you first move to New York?

    Emily McCord
    Atlanta Theater School

  • Educational Housing Services gave me the opportunity to go to school in Manhattan. The school I attend does not have dorms or student apartments, so I had to find housing on my own. Contacting EHS was easy and in a few days I had a great apartment in a safe neighborhood. The diversity of the participating schools (with students in my residence) made it easier than ever to meet new people and experience New York the way it should be.

    Steven Solonch
    Baruch College

  • After seeing other available student dorms throughout New York City, I think the St. George has the most comfortable living space along with security I can rely on. It's a great way to meet people when away from friends and family.

    Danielle Mizrachi

  • I picked EHS because they really focus on the students and creating a comfortable college atmosphere for us. The events are great, too, because it is a chance to get out and meet people you usually see just in passing.

    John Wasaff
    University of Virginia and intern at Goldman Sachs

  • Right outside my door are the unlimited possibilities of New York City. I have conveniences that most people in New York never have. The staff at EHS makes living in New York City comfortable and relaxing even though I am living in one of the world's largest cities. It is great living in such a safe and friendly environment. I feel very safe, especially knowing that security is on site 24 hours a day.

    John Eanes
    John Jay College of Criminal Justice (City University of New York)

  • As part of Syracuse University's 'Bridge to the City' program, we have placed many students over the last several years in public schools in Brooklyn, New York. I have found Educational Housing Services to be excellent to work with in obtaining housing for our students in this rather difficult housing market. The units that they provide are centrally located and close to the areas in which we place our students. Public transportation is close at hand. The housing units we use are clean, neat and safe with identification required to gain entrance. This is extremely important since these students are away from our own campus, and we are not there to oversee them.

    Francis J. Albino
    School of Education, Teaching & Leadership Programs, Syracuse University

  • We needed a housing organization that was going to honor their commitment to students as well as their commitment to Syracuse University, one that cared about our students as much as we do. Educational Housing Services is that organization.

    Michelle Walker
    Director Community Programs, Syracuse University

  • Educational Housing Services provides a great opportunity for students and interns looking for a comfortable and safe New York City living environment. Importantly, the EHS family is sincerely friendly, helpful and informative. I would recommend the service to anyone.

    Emily Schiller
    Laboratory Institute of Merchandising