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There is a central kitchen area available for your use called The Chow located on the lobby level. The kitchen is equipped with several ovens, stovetops, microwaves, sinks and countertops for food preparation. Please help maintain it by cleaning the area when you have completed your cooking. EHS does not provide residents with cooking or dining accessories. For your safety and others, never leave the kitchen while your food is cooking. Kitchen is open daily.

Kitchen Rules

  • Clean up after yourself.

  • Only sit on chairs (no standing or leaning).

  • Dispose of your trash in proper bins.

  • Wipe off your counter space and stove top.

  • Do not clog sinks, remove food from drain.

  • Do not leave the kitchen while your food is cooking.

  • Leave no trace of food or debris.

  • Keep in mind there are cameras in all common areas.


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