When It Is Time To Leave


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When It Is Time To Leave

We hope you have enjoyed your stay with EHS. In order to ensure a smooth check-out, your school and/or EHS will conduct pre-check-out inspections 1-2 weeks before your departure. This allows for each school, EHS and the resident to plan and quickly expedite your check-out. Prior notice will be given.  

Please note, you must check-out on or before 12:00pm on your move out day assigned by either EHS or the school you are in a contract with. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.

If you need an extension for a later departure date, you must contact the EHS Building Director at [email protected] or by calling 212-600-5000. If you booked directly with your school/institution we recommend that you speak to them. For a list of charges please check our Damages section in the building Code of Conduct.


Below are some steps you can take for a successful check-out. Failure to clean, remove garbage/debris/personal belongings and not return your mailbox key and EHS ID card will result in fees and extra charges applied to your account. 

• Clean and remove garbage/debris and all personal belongings from your room.

• All food must be removed from your refrigerator.

• Return all furniture to its original set up.

• Return your mailbox key and your EHS ID card. 

• If applicable, provide credit card information to the EHS staff member that checks you out for any damages and unpaid fees/fines. For a list of charges please check our ‘Damages’ section in our Code of Conduct.

• Notify companies and the Post Office of your address change. After you depart, EHS will no longer accept any mail or packages in your name. Any current mail/packages you fail to retrieve will be returned to the sender at your own expense. 

Change your address:

To change your address you can fill out an online change of address form or personally go to the closest Post Office located at 1617 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10128 (Phone: (800) ASK-USPS). After you depart, EHS will no longer accept any mail or packages in your name and any current mail/packages you fail to retrieve will be returned to the sender.


To avoid any improper check-out fees you must follow one of these check-out procedures. An improper check-out includes but is not limited to: failure to make or miss a check out appointment, or not completing the proper check-our paperwork, etc. Residents who neglect to follow the check-out procedures will receive an “Improper Check out” fee of $150.00 (rates are subject to change) added to their account.

Option 1 

Schedule a check-out appointment with the Student Life Office at least 48hrs prior to your departure date. During your check out an EHS staff member will check your room for any damages, collect mailbox key and room key/ID, and payment for damages or other fees. Check-out appointments are only done in 15 minute slots during office hours. 

For your appointment you should have all your belongings packed, room cleaned (cleaning charges may be applied to your account if room is not cleaned). If applicable, during your appointment you will be asked to provide credit card information to the EHS staff member that checks you out for any damages and unpaid fees/fines. For a list of charges please check our Damages Section

Option 2 

If you are not able to make an appointment, need to leave earlier than expected, or all appointment slots are taken, you might qualify for an Express Check-out. Please check with the Student Life Office to see if this option is available during the semester you are residing with us. 

  • Pick up an Express Check-out form from the Student Life Office.
  • Fill out the form completely (front and back), and be sure to read all the information on it. There is a box where you can bring to our attention anything you would like us to know prior your departure.
  • Go to the Express Check-out Drop Box located next to the Student Life Office.
  • Use one of the provided yellow envelopes and complete the requested information, insert the Express Check-out Form, your EHS ID card and Mailbox Key (if you received one).
  • Seal the envelope and drop it inside the Express Check-out Drop Box.
  • Please note, that you must vacate your room after you submit this form.
  • If you would like a copy of this express check-out form, please email [email protected]. The copy will be emailed to you within 5 business days.

If you suspect that you may be charged for items or damage in the room, we suggest that you do not use the EHS Express Checkout and make an appointment with Student Life to have your room inspected prior your departure. Please ensure that all items are removed and that your room is clean before vacating, otherwise you will incur charges. If you elect to utilize the Express Check-Out option, you will be automatically billed for any damages done to your room and you waive your ability to appeal any damages.

By using this Express Checkout Form, you understand and agree that:

  • You waive all rights as they relate to damages which may be assessed and charged to your account.
  • You will not be able to appeal damage charges.
  • A member of the Student Life department will complete the Room Condition Report (RCR) after you hand in your keys.
  • Any items remaining or left behind will be considered to be abandoned and will be disposed at your expense.
  • Room Keys ($20), Mailbox Key ($20) not turned in will be charged to your account.
  • Rooms that require extensive cleaning will be charged an additional fine.
  • Click here to view a complete list of damage charges.

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