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Throughout this site you will find various ways we are addressing the COVID-19 virus.

  • All residents planning to live in EHS housing must be vaccinated before arrival at an EHS residence (there are very limited exceptions). View the full policy here: EHS Vaccination Policy.
  • For quarantine procedures, Click Here.
  • For our Health and Safety Agreement, Click Here.
  • Information regarding the expectations of our residents, please review our Code of Conduct. EHS reserves the right to update the Code of Conduct from time to time as a result of changing events, facts, and circumstances. Resident agrees to fully abide by such updates. All updates will be published online.
  • For a detailed overview of Information and Safety within EHS, please see our Safety and Security Page.
  • For information regarding New York State guidelines, visit
  • To find a COVID-19 testing site, visit

Room Occupancy

By selecting to live in a double/triple occupancy room, you are agreeing to live in ‘Family Unit’ approach to room occupancy. This approach identifies all students who live in one shared unit as a Family Unit, meaning that within their shared space they do not need to follow social distancing guidelines (no face coverings, no need to maintain six feet of distance in the room).

It is understood that students in this arrangement share exposure and are therefore responsible to one another to protect the integrity of their shared space by ensuring that social distancing and other protective measures are followed whenever they are outside the room. This also means that if one student in the room is identified as being in need of quarantine, all members of the room will be quarantined, together.

Quick reminders for the safety of all residents and staff:

  • All residents and staff are expected to wear facemasks while in the residence.

  • No guests are permitted in the residences.

  • Events have been cancelled but we will create a community online through social media.

  • Communal kitchens are open with limited hours that are posted in the residence.

  • Residents are expected to follow social distancing guidelines.

  • Everyone is expected to wash their hands frequently.

  • If a resident is not feeling well, they should stay in their room.