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May. 4th, 2012
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Come Back Soon!

It's sad to see you leave! We had a great semester and we hope you will soon return to EHS, but if you don’t, stay connected with us. We want to make sure you have a smooth and successful check-out; therefore, we have put together this quick check-out procedure article.When checking out of your building, it is important to check with your school about the check-out procedures.  If you booked your room directly through EHS, you need to follow these procedures:

Be sure to schedule a check-out time in the Student Life Office prior to your departure date. Schedule your appointment at least 72 hours in advance! The check-out appointment will only take about 10-15 minutes. During the appointment, an EHS staff member will come up to your room and inspect it to see if the condition of the room has changed since your move-in. Before the appointment, you’ll need to have all of your items packed, trash thrown away, and the room will need to be clean. At this time you will turn in your mailbox key and ID card. If applicable, provide credit card information to the EHS staff member that checks you out for any damages and unpaid fees/fines.

For a list of charges, please check our ‘Damages’ section in our residence guide for the >> St. George, 1760 Third Avenue and New Yorker residences. Also, be prepared for a Pre-Check-Out Inspection by an EHS staff approximately two (2) weeks prior to your departure. This will help expedite your check out process.

Need a ride to the Airport?

Check out Super Shuttle! You can schedule your Super Shuttle pick up to any airport in NYC now. This way you’ll be all set once it’s time for you to begin your journey home. They are offering a special 10% discount to our EHS residents if you ride with them. Click Here to book your ride today and cross one thing off of your to-do list.  Use code EHS12 to get your 10% discount!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Remember to like our EHS Alumni Facebook Fan Page so that you can keep up with what’s going on at EHS.

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