When It Is Time To Leave


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When It Is Time To Leave

For a quick and easy departure, before leaving the residence, please drop off your EHS ID card to the RA in the Student Life Office during business hours. The Student Life Office is open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 12pm-8pm.

You may also recycle your laundry card, if you wish, when you return your EHS ID. If you plan to depart when the office is closed, please drop off your completed form, EHS ID and laundry card in the Express Checkout Box, located outside the Student Life Office.

To help avoid charges, we ask that you do the following:

  • Return your EHS ID card.

  • Clean and remove garbage/debris and all personal belongings from your room (including refrigerator) and bathroom.

  • Notify companies and the Post Office of your address change. After you depart, EHS will immediately return all mail/packages to sender.

  • Change all addresses in your accounts such as; Amazon, Target, Walmart, Zappos, etc.

Should you have any questions regarding your departure, please email JohnStreet@Studenthousing.org.

Please DO NOT leave with your EHS ID!