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Meet the Staff

  • Carolyn Bakich

    Associate Director of Student Life

    Carolyn Bakich

    Associate Director of Student Life

    Carolyn is the Associate Director of Student Life at the St. George Towers. Originally from Eustis, Florida, Carolyn moved to New York City in the Fall of 2016 to further pursue her Classical Ballet training. Since moving to New York, Carolyn began studying at Columbia University as a Dance Major, has since interned, and worked with American Ballet Theatre, and worked at the Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet. Carolyn is currently in her third year at Columbia University and is working to pursue a career in Arts Administration. In her time as an Associate Director at the St. George Towers, Carolyn has truly enjoyed connecting with residents and their families throughout each each semester. It is her hope to always provide a safe, inclusive, and exciting environment for each resident within the building.

  • Madison Squiers

    Associate Director of Residence Life

    Madison Squiers

    Associate Director of Residence Life

    Madison is the Associate Director of Residence Life at the St. George Towers. Originally from Michigan, Madison moved to New York City in 2018 to attend John Jay College where she graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Criminology. Madison joined the EHS team in 2019 as a Resident Advisor and has loved working in various EHS locations and with the incredible staff and residents. Currently pursing a Master of the Arts degree in Political Science, Madison is driven by the goal of ensuring that people can experience and enjoy living in NYC. In her time as an Associate Director she appreciates the chance to connect with residents and families as they follow their dreams!

  • Eva Abraham

    Senior Resident Advisor

    Eva Abraham

    Senior Resident Advisor

    Eva Abraham grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina and is currently an art history major at BMCC. After moving to NYC Eva enjoys spending time going to museums and visiting the different boroughs and trying new foods. She/Her favorite painting is Flaming June by Sir Frederic Leighton.

  • Georgina Spicknell

    Resident Advisor

    Georgina Spicknell

    Resident Advisor

    Hey y’all! I’m RA Georgina and I am a Senior studying Forensic Psychology at John Jay College. I have been working as an RA for EHS for almost a year! As a NY native myself, with a best friend living on Montague, I like to think I know my way around Brooklyn Heights (we love Hancos). Looking forward to an amazing summer with you and the opportunity to explore even more of my favorite city!

  • Renee Frederick

    Resident Advisor

    Renee Frederick

    Resident Advisor

    Renée Frederick is an International Student from Trinidad and Tobago who has completed her Bachelor’s (BA) in Forensic Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Renée is pursuing a Master’s (MA) in Forensic Mental Health Counseling. When Renée is not in school or at work, she enjoys hanging out with her sorority sisters, going to restaurants and having a night out. She enjoys traveling and her favorite place that she has traveled to is Curaçao where she fell in love with dolphins! New York has become a place where Renée can experience different cultures and gain multiple perspectives on life and on people. Lastly, Renée loves EHS because of how safe the buildings are and how accessible it is to several train stations.

  • Zorrie Petrus

    Resident Advisor

    Zorrie Petrus

    Resident Advisor

    Zorrie is a photographer born and raised in Los Angeles. She enjoys taking portraits, street photography, lifestyle photos and behind the scene moments. During Zorrie’s upbringing she had many creative outlets including dance, sports, art, music and is a multi-instrumentalist. Middle school is when she started to take photography seriously and filmmaking became another passion in high school. Capturing the moment has always been a joy for her. From there her passion for both art forms continued to grow. She is studying photography at NYU Tisch School of the Arts to help enhance her career. Zorrie wants to show how she sees the world through her photos and films. Making people smile and telling a story is one of the many reasons she loves photography and filmmaking.

  • Karla Jimenez

    Resident Advisor

    Karla Jimenez

    Resident Advisor

    Karla is an aspiring Forensic Psychologist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York (originally from the Dominican Republic). She attends John Jay College where she plans to become the second in her family, following in her mother’s footsteps of earning a Bachelors Degree. Karla also plans on becoming the first in her family to achieve a Masters degree (with a goal of five years in mind for both degrees). Karla enjoys reading classic and romantic novels, traveling to the Caribbean, eating out with friends, and cuddling with her Yorkie, Bobby. Karla is incredibly focused and determined, yet she always manages to be wonderfully friendly and welcoming to everyone around her. What Karla cherishes most about EHS are the feelings of safety it provides, especially when she’s away from home, and the abundance of spaces available for focusing on school work.

  • Antonio Mercado

    Resident Advisor

    Antonio Mercado

    Resident Advisor

    Antonio Mercado, an ambitious Mexican-American economics student, grew up in a small rural town in the middle of upstate New York. Originally born in Jersey City, he and his family would routinely visit the area and a love for the neighboring city of New York was inevitable. As he grew up he found a passion for countless hobbies including a deep love for soccer, bodybuilding, fashion, music, and meeting new people. It didn’t take long for Antonio to
    develop his passion for finances, creating his own candy-selling business by middle school, he knew he had to take his passion to the world’s financial capital, New York City. Leaving a positive impact on the economy while simultaneously living up to life is what drives Antonio every day and what keeps the ambition alive

  • Jamie Willix

    Resident Advisor

    Jamie Willix

    Resident Advisor

    Jamie is a passionate marketer from Connecticut. She loves helping friends and family launch their business ideas by creating their brand identity. When she has free time, she spends it outside, whether that be surfing, snowboarding, or going on hikes. She played competitive volleyball since middle school and committed freshmen year to a D2 school. Unfortunately, the school shut down over the summer, and she had to give up her passion for volleyball to focus on her marketing career in the city and Pace University. She is excited to develop her marketing and customer success skills through every opportunity, so she can pursue her dream role as a freelance marketer. Her goal is to not just bring her clients’ ideas to life but also to craft a brand identity that resonates on a personal level with them.

  • Joseph Gilliard

    Student Life Assistant

    Joseph Gilliard

    Student Life Assistant

    Joseph Gilliard, better known as Joey to his friends, is an Ethnic Studies major attending Brooklyn College for his bachelors. He loves spending time with his friends, family, and dogs, Snail and Jolene. He’s from Houston, Texas but was raised in Anchorage, Alaska. For the past 6 years he’s been living in Brooklyn. He loves being a sociable, friendly face and is so happy to be a part of the EHS team.

  • Cordale Jimmison

    Student Life Assistant

    Cordale Jimmison

    Student Life Assistant

    Cordale Jimmison is from Boulder, CO and is studying Forensic Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Before coming to EHS as an SLA, Cordale was a resident and worked as an Ambassador at Black Male Initiative, a program for uplifting underrepresented students across City University campuses. Outside of work and EHS, Cordale enjoys hanging out with friends at concerts, restaurants, and their apartments. While doing so, Cordale enjoys trying foods from different cultures and learning from his friends, a cultural experience of living in New York City. Cordale’s favorite part about living at EHS is the events hosted by the RA’s, his favorite is the snack and drink events for the free and delicious food.

  • Daniel Mowl

    Student Life Assistant

    Daniel Mowl

    Student Life Assistant

    Daniel Mowl is from Pittsburgh, PA, and is studying Fashion Merchandise and
    Marketing at Kent State University. Before he became an Student Life Assistant, Daniel worked as a sneaker reseller/Depop seller in his hometown. Outside of his busy schedule, Daniel enjoys playing golf, going to the thrift store, selling sneakers, and traveling. Daniel enjoys new opportunities, meeting new people, and going to new places. He also enjoys trying new pizza shops, and is always on the hunt for new pizza places to try in NYC, which luckily for him, there are plenty! What does Daniel love about EHS? “I love how welcoming everyone was, and the overall team type of environment that they give you.”

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