Code of Conduct

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As a resident at Educational Housing Services, you are a guest in our home, and we expect you to act responsibly and appropriately at all times. There are a few important policies that you need to be aware of and abide by to make our community a more pleasant experience for you and everyone else living in our residence. Any violation of these rules, other policies or laws, whether included in this Guide or not, will result in the appropriate disciplinary sanction by EHS, your school, and possibly the legal authorities.

Living in a community involves learning to use new freedoms wisely and adjusting to a new environment where rules which may be different than ones you are accustomed. Most residents will make this adjustment without difficulty. A few residents are unable or unwilling to do so, and their behavior may interfere with the environment.

It is the responsibility of all our residents to become familiar with the policies in this guide and comply with them. Residents that do not comply with the EHS policies stated in this Code of Conduct Guide and License Agreement will face disciplinary sanctions. These sanctions might vary depending on the severity of the violation and are treated on a case by case scenario.

55 John Street Code of Conduct