Visitor Policy

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Visitor Policy

This policy exists to allow residents to have visitors in a manner that does not infringe upon the comfort or rights of other residents and maintains an appropriate level of safety and security in the building. Being and/or having a visitor is a privilege and not a right. Visitors are expected to abide by all college, building and EHS policies and procedures. The host is responsible for the actions of their visitors at all times.

Any visitor who violates any EHS/school or building policy while in EHS housing is subject to penalties including EHS and/or school disciplinary procedures and/or legal penalties and will be asked to leave the residence. EHS and/or schools that work with EHS have the right to ban any visitor. The management maintains 24-hour security in the lobby as well as surveillance cameras in all hallways, elevators, and common areas.

It is expected that residents having visitors know and abide by the Visitor policy, plan, be courteous to one another, communicate with their roommates, and make compromises when necessary. EHS reserves the right to change policies due to resident/visitor behavior.

The following conditions must be met:

  • Residents may only have one visitor at a time.

  • All visitors must be registered.

  • Visitors must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Our expectation is that you have communicated with your roommate(s) about having a visitor for each visit.

  • No person who is required by law to register as a sex offender may be a visitor in any EHS residence.

Daytime Visitor:

  • Day Visitors may be in the building from 7:00AM – 10:00PM.

  • Day Visitors need to be registered via the Day Visitor Registration Form.

  • EHS residents must meet their Day Visitor in the lobby before they are able to sign in with security.

  • Day Visitor must leave a valid government-issued photo ID with security in the lobby.

  • Day Visitor must collect their ID and depart from the residence before 10:00PM or register as an Overnight Visitor.

Overnight Visitor Procedure Overview:

  • Resident comes to the Student Life Office.

  • Scans Overnight Visitor QR code.

  • Resident uploads visitor’s:

    • Valid government-issued Photo ID
    • Emergency Contact information (must not be host resident).
  • Once uploaded the Resident receives: “Pending: Overnight Visitor Registration” email.

  • Upon receipt of email Resident returns to the Student Life office to process payment.

    • Overnight Visitor Fees:The fee for a visitor is $5 per night for the first three (3) nights and $20 per night for each consecutive night after that, up to seven (7) nights a month. Please see the chart below. • Any visitor staying longer than (3) nights in a row MUST be approved by a roommate.
  • Once payment is made. Both Resident and Visitor receives: “Approved: Overnight Registration” email.

  • On the first night of your visitor's stay, both your name and your visitor's name will appear on security's approved overnight visitors list, this list is sent to the security team by 10:00PM each night. Only visitors on this list will be allowed to enter after 10:00PM.

  • Additional Policy Information:

    • EHS does not provide an ID for any visitor.

    • EHS does not provide beds, bedding, or linens for any visitor.

    • You are not permitted to hand your ID to your visitor for access. If found in violation, you will be required to meet with the Directors and your visitor privileges may be revoked.

    • Visitors must abide by all Building Policies.

    • Visitors have no occupancy rights and can be asked to leave the premises at any time.

    • The resident is responsible for any and all actions of their visitor. All residents are legally and financially responsible for the conduct of their visitors. The host may be held accountable for any misconduct of their visitor.

    • Visitors who violate any policies may be asked to leave the residence immediately and may be prohibited from future visits to the residence.

    • Any resident who signs in a visitor for another fellow resident assumes full responsibility for the visitor, regardless of relationship.

    • It is the responsibility of the host to meet the visitor in the Lobby.