Internet & Cable

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Internet & Cable

Wireless Connectivity (Wi-Fi) is available throughout the building. In order to connect, you will need a Wireless enable Laptop or PC Card for your desktop. In addition, each room is equipped with Ethernet jacks. While the residence does have wireless access, some programs and functions are better run using direct broadband service. In order to connect, please make sure your computer has a T-base 10 Ethernet card and a CAT-5 cable (we recommend bringing one that is at least 15 feet long). Before you use the residence internet service, be sure you read our Network Policy and Guidelines, you are expected to abide by all of them. Any tampering with the internet equipment or software will lead to suspension and/or termination of internet access. 
This residence offers High Speed Internet Access (defined by the FCC as a connection to the internet of at least 768kbit/s) in every room. The availability speed will vary over the 786kbit/s threshold depending on many factors such as load, concurrent connections, as well as other factors. The Network gives priority to traffic for the following services: HTTP (web surfing), SMTP/POP3 (email), Instant Messaging, FTP, telnet, and so forth. Other traffic such as games, streaming, PSP will automatically receive bandwidth allocation based on the factors mentioned above. 
EHS does not provide technical support for personal computers. We recommend that residents purchase the extended technical support program through the individual computer company. 
If you have any problems with Wi-Fi, please call Wanderport at 1-866-897-3084. Please keep a record of your ticket number so that we can follow up if your problems persist.

Cable TV

Cable TV service is already available in your room. Each room is equipped with a Television and a remote control. Your room TV has access to RCN’s Cable TV Lineup.

For assistance with the cable, please call (877) 726-7000. Enter code: 970-927-8510 and follow the prompts. Please keep a record of your ticket number.

EHS reserves the right to update the Code of Conduct from time to time as a result of changing events, facts, and circumstances. Resident agrees to fully abide by such updates. All updates will be published online.

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