Maintenance & Repairs

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Maintenance & Repairs

If your room or the provided equipment and furnishings in your room require any repair or maintenance please do not attempt to repair it yourself.

General maintenance and routine repairs (such as a plumbing, electrical, or furniture/appliance maintenance, etc.) are performed without charge to residents. We encourage you to report damage immediately. Neglecting to report a problem (leaky faucet, water damage, etc.), could lead to further, more complicated problems.

Emergency repairs include major leaks and flooding, inoperative door locks and any problem that endangers property or safety. In case of an emergency contact the EHS Student Life Office, Resident Advisor on duty or Security immediately.

Residents are not permitted to paint or make any alterations to their rooms. If you damage anything, you will have to repay the building for the cost of repairs (or replacements). EHS cannot service or repair any furnishings or equipment provided by residents.

Do not put any nails, screws, hooks or sticky substances in/on the wall. You will be responsible for any damage caused to the room. For safety reasons, do not try to clean the outside surface of your windows. Do not sit on ledges or lean out windows, this is for your own safety! Do not put anything on top of radiators or on window sills - a small potted plant that falls out a window could potentially injure a pedestrian. Never attempt to exit through windows.

For more information on maintenance and damages visit our Code of Conduct.


Option 1:
If you are unable to submit your work order online please visit the EHS Student Life Office or email us at You can also call us at 646-414-7453.

Option 2:
Go to and complete the repair request form.

1.    Go to 
2.    On the repairs form page please complete the required information (in red). 
a.    In requestor name, please enter your name (resident).
b.    Enter your preferred phone number and email (we will use these to communicate any updates we have in regards to the request).
c.    Select your building.
d.    Select your room number.
3.    Under the Action Requested section, enter what you are requesting. Please be very specific (frequency, how it’s happening, etc.).
4.    Click Submit.

After you click submit you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number for your repair request. Keep this number for your records in case you wish to follow up. Create a separate repair request for each maintenance issue in your room. Do NOT place multiple problems in one request.

Once the repair has been closed you will receive an email notification, if you continue to experience problems please do not hesitate to email us at

In order to protect the general health and safety of all our residents the following guidelines must be followed. There is a licensed exterminator who performs weekly maintenance in common areas. If you find that you need to utilize this service, please click here to submit a request.

Please keep your room free of debris and keep all food in sealed containers to help prevent a bug problem. The exterminator highly recommends that all unused boxes and plastic bags are properly disposed. Do not leave either item on the floor as this creates a breeding ground for unwanted insects and pests. The exterminator has been instructed to inform us of any rooms that violate these guidelines and a note to document such violations will be submitted to you. You will be given 24 hours to correct all noted violations and a post inspection will follow.